Technical Task Forces

The JMP strategy 2010-2015 includes renewed efforts to enhance the Programme’s effectiveness by strengthening its technical, methodological and procedural base.

Technical Task Forces, established with clear terms of reference, will address specific issues and provide guidance to the JMP. 

The Reports of the first three Technical Task Force meetings are now available:

In November 2012, JMP convened a second Task Force meeting on Monitoring of Drinking-Water Quality, to consider how improved measures of water quality and water system safety could be used to improve water safety in the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goal era. The meeting involved  a group of 18 technical experts, 6 members of the JMP and 5 resource persons from UN agencies. The Task Force endorsed the JMP classification of water supplies into Improved and Unimproved groups, and held that there is not currently evidence to support different classification schemes in urban and rural settings. The group recommended that global monitoring of drinking-water safety should expand beyond Improved and Unimproved facilities, and include both water quality testing (for E. coli, arsenic and fluoride), and measures of risk management, such as Water Safety Plans or Sanitary Inspections. This will require new approaches to data collection, as risk management measures are not easily captured in household surveys. The JMP was requested to develop a package of work to establish a framework for integrating data from traditional sources such as household surveys, with risk management or water quality information from other sources, such as water supply regulators. This system should be tested in 2014-15 in order to be operational in the post-2015 period. Minutes from the meeting will be made available on the website shortly.

In preparation for post-2015 monitoring the JMP is currently in the process of commissioning another Task Force on Projections and Methods.