The JMP and country collaboration

The collaboration between the JMP and countries, mainly through WHO and UNICEF regional and country offices, other collaborating UN agencies and NGOs, is essential to achieving four major objectives:

  • Ensure regular updates of the JMP data;
  • Share results and develop mutual understanding between different stakeholders of national and the JMP estimates;
  • Initiate and promote capacity building in national monitoring;
  • Identify unresolved issues and good monitoring practices to share between countries and with the international community.

Data updates
are crucial to the JMP. Over the past two years, approximately 300 new surveys and censuses have been added to the JMP database through increased interaction with countries and collaboration with other data gathering mechanisms and networks (i.e. International Household Survey Network and its Accelerated Data Programme).
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As some national estimates differ from the JMP estimates, the JMP collaborates with a number of countries to compare and reconcile data through regional and national workshops and country interactions.
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