Data and estimates

Try the custom stats compiler for dynamic maps, graphs and tables by choosing:

  • type of data (water or sanitation coverage);
  • geographical area you are interested in (country, regional or worldwide);
  • level of aggregation (country or group level);
  • year(s);
  • areas (urban, rural or both).

Dynamics graphics and tables are generated once you choose your parameters.

In addition you will find in the documents section all JMP reports, country files and other documents produced by the JMP. The country files also include all original data used in the estimates.

Please note that for communication purposes in the latest report, the JMP displays proportions as rounded integers, which together add to 100% for drinking-water and sanitation, respectively. Data on the web site, use unrounded estimates to achieve greater accuracy when converting coverage estimates into numbers of people with or without access. Any “apparent” discrepancies between the published estimates and those derived from the JMP web site are due to the published estimates appearing rounded to the nearest integer.

The latest JMP estimates are now available: