JMP Green Paper for SDG monitoring of the WASH sector

The JMP Green paper â€œGlobal monitoring of water, sanitation and hygiene post-2015" outlines JMP plans for enhanced global monitoring and provides an overview of the ongoing development of indicators and methods and the implications of expanded post-2015 WASH monitoring as a basis for discussion.

The JMP is keen to hear your thoughts and reflections on the proposals (please write to greenpaper(at)wssinfo(dot)org). In particular:

  • Do you think the JMP Green paper strikes the right balance between ambition, achievability and measurability?
  • Are the proposed JMP ladders relevant and appropriate for monitoring progress in all countries and contexts?
  • Which inequalities can and should be measured at national and global levels?
  • What do you think will be the biggest challenges for countries when it comes to collecting and reporting the proposed indicators?
  • What new data sources and methods should JMP consider using to produce future global, regional and national estimates?