Wealth quintiles

Inequalities between rich and poor are found in all countries. In those countries where data from national surveys allow for classification of households into asset-based wealth quintiles, it is possible to analyse inequalities in access to drinking water and sanitation between rich and poor in rural and urban areas. Analysis of trends is particularly important in order to assess whether inequalities in access and service levels are being progressively reduced over time. Wealth quintile trend data for rural and urban areas are available for over 70 countries.  

The wealth quintile analyses are based on a sub-set of  surveys for each country and can differ from the JMP estimates at rural, urban and national levels. Nevertheless they represent information based on nationally representative surveys and are suitable for comparisons across wealth groups and between countries. The estimates are based on wealth quintiles derived from an analysis of household assets, such as electrical goods and materials used for housing construction, and may also differ from those based on income or consumption. 

Download country wealth quintile files with trends from 1995 to 2012.